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This weeks Featured Artisan is Sharri Powell – Most and Mist! Gorgeous creations created with love.
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Root cause – Extraneous National Political Involvement

I agree with Morgan Freeman‘s Statement, if we want to get rid of racism in America, we need to quit talking about it. Depreciate the word itself. Make it no longer a “word” but refer it as slang. American’s are Americans.

But where does racism stem from? If we can identify the root-cause can we then change out the root, and inject the definition of Americans.

Let’s associate and differentiate:

We know many things Americans have in common with other countries, we’re all Human, we all use speech, and written forms of communication, we all use trade with monetary attachments as a way to obtain goods we need a supply of, all those associations fit into our definition of Americans.

So what is the difference between America and other countries?

World homosexuality laws

Americans have many different cultures living within it’s boarders. Not Religions, but Cultures.  I feel this is the root issue of why we deal with racism on an intense national level, and not just with racism, but also with what we define as prejudiced? Racism being another culture, prejudiced meaning a sub-group within the same culture.
We, Americans actually came up with the word discrimination.  It started being widely used after the civil war.

We as a country have not been around long enough to have evolved into 1 single dominate culture. We “Had” a dominate culture, but we do not any more. We have many cultures in our society and some of those seek dominance while other seek to hide. In addition we have an extremely large base for the evolutionary process into a single culture. Perhaps in another 4-5 hundred years we will have a single culture, but not now.  The internal struggle will either make us stronger, or break us apart.

We are the only country in the world that I can think of to have such a LARGE base to draw from, so many cultures which will interweave over time to become one culture.

It is our greatest strength and now it is our weakest link.

Right now, for me, the only logical conclusion I can draw is that America as a whole will break up into smaller separate more manageable groups of society.

We’ve seen example after example of dominant cultures (Tribes for instance) in the world seeking extinction as a way to control another culture. We have seen this within our own borders as the civil war, we see it now as issues pertaining to Gay’s, a woman’s right to choose and more. We are all the same Species Homo sapiens is the systematic name of the contemporary human species. Homo Sapien Sapiens more precisely picks out the subspecies of extant humans., because we are all of the same species. These cultural differences, what society says is “norm” is actually a choice in preferences for the way we live. These issues are not derived from the innate within us all. Keyword here is choice. ( Also that homo sapiens-sapiens has depreciated into “human”)

Let’s see how we look on a world map of Gay Rights

But that is also an idealistic view, and in keeping with the Sci-Fi metaphors,

So, then we come back to, why are these issues in politics on a national level and not on a local level within our own communities? Why isn’t our National Leaders dealing with issues that relate on a national level to all of us? Security, Roads, Military, Parks”

Why is it being address nationally? Because insurance providers defined marriage as:blahblahblah, Corporate America running America? It would certainly seem so in this instance. But most insurance companies have come around now, to include same-sex marriages. Other issues, someone getting beaten, or prejudiced against a sub-group is not really a political issue unless it becomes dominate.

For me, the key here is passive aggressive behavior, *IF* a person is racist, that is also their *Right* as an american. Personally, I wouldn’t have any interactions with that person on the subject.

And if we remember “Separate But Equal” defining specific rights for specific groups of people separate them as Americans. And by definition if a group of people are Separate, they *are not* equal. “Gays” shouldn’t marry? What business is the subject doing in Politics and our Geovernment?

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Why is it called “Black Friday” Why not White Friday, or why not Shopping of the Year day?

I don’t understand why it is called “Black Friday” Most of us are in the Lower 48, so it’s not “black,dark,dingy” it’s just a typical Friday, that might be dark or dingy, but it’s not dark out for 16 hours of the day. I’ve thought about this ever since the end of September when I heard it first called that. Yes, I realized right away what day they meant, but that was because they were talking about the sales. Everytime I’ve heard that phrase, I’ve wondered where it was adopted from. Do you know? Please post if you do.

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RT @creidcreations: @HandmadeBot thank y

RT @creidcreations: @HandmadeBot thank you thank you for the RT! ^EO

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d zenbreeze ^EO Hi, it was my pleasure t

d zenbreeze ^EO Hi, it was my pleasure to purchase that pendant. It’s beautiful. I love the way the light shines through 🙂 rest by email

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Twitter chat via #FeedSquares – Shared b

Twitter chat via #FeedSquares – Shared by Dodi, Elaine & etrnlady This is going to be very cool!

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New Trends, SEO Blog A New Look for Art

New Trends, SEO Blog A New Look for Art

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One of a Kind Jewelry

One of a Kind Jewelry

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